Transports Ciutat Comtal (TCC)
(the blue buses from Barcelona)

TCC was founded on the 10 of June 1991 with the "Tomb Bus" ("Shopping Line"), a special bus to do shopping. This bus connects now the Plaça Catalunya (City Centre Shops) with the Plaça Piux XII (Diagonal shops). In December of the same year, TCC created the Aerobús (Pl. Catalunya-Aeroport- Airport) which connected the city centre with the Airport. Now, TCC operate also the Tibibus (Pl. Catalunya Tibidabo Mountain) and Portbús (P. Catalunya, Barcelona Harbour) and some University service.
The Tombús started with Van Hool buses, but these buses are nowadays out of service. Now, the fleet is operated by Pegaso, Neoplan, Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Eine Liste aller Busse von Tugsal gibt es
hier. (Dank an David Llorca and José Luis Sánchez)

>>pics of TCC buses



The private company TUSGSALis very important because it has the folllowing services: the night lines buses of Barcelona (Nitbus), and the urban and intercities lines in the region called Barcelonès: Barcelona, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Montgat, Tiana, Sant Adrià de Besòs i Montcada i Reixac.

TUSGSAL operates 17 lines at day and 10 lines at night.

The old company had the name of TUSA and now, all the people call these buses like a "TUSAS". Then, they changed the name (TUBSAL) and now is TUSGSAL.

The fleet is composed by PEGASO, IVECO, MERCEDES-BENZ, MAN and NEOPLAN and it has about 150 buses. A complete list with all the buses from TUSGSAL (TUSA and TUBSAL) can be found here. (many thanks to David Llorca and José Luis Sánchez)

>>pics of TUSGSAL buses