Germanwings was founded in 1997 and is wholly owned by Lufthansa. It started its low cost services on October 27th, 2002. Later it was integrated into Eurowings (another Lufthansa owned company) and their 4U code disappeared in March 2018. Further on it only flew in wetlease for Eurowings. It ceased service on April 7th, 2020.
8074_20 November 2002, shortly after starting its services @VIE
8103_30 Cologne - base of germanwings
8104_94 CGN
8160_93 D-AIPC
8173_49 touch down in CGN, 2005
8184_66 leased from Lufthansa from June 2004 to January 2006, D-AILL
8217_42 D-AKNI @VIE
8578_37 D-AKNQ with white nose
Buchungsbestätigung / Rechnung - Germanwings A Ticket from germanwings
Buchungsbestätigung / Rechnung - Germanwings
IMG_2123 Edinburgh, already in Eurowings similar colours